• Wildcat Hauling exhibition at the Corcoran, 2016

  • Scouting photo from our Wastewater Walk project, showing a sewage pipe running through a redwood forest ravine in Santa Cruz, CA.

  • promo image from our True Cost Market project 

  • co-facilitating guest artist Justin Mata's session on "Imagined Cities" during our Vague Notions project at Interface Gallery in Oakland

  • artist Tom Deslongchamp reads from a salvaged box of 80s band riders for a special Circumtext reading at our Collections show offsite, with Alan Hopkins's "Lost and Abandoned Balls" piece as a backdrop

  • front wall of our first 10.-22.-38 Astoria exhibition at our studio/gallery space in Seattle 

  • photograph of the Seattle port taken during research for our Colors of Commerce exhibition

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(fik tilˈ əs) adj. capable of being molded or changed; earthen [Latin fictilis]