CAT FACES call for entries

Work that results in a cat face, but has an interesting way of getting there. That’s right, a cat face. The face of a cat.

Work in unusual media, on an unusual scale, work that involves an impossibly elaborate process, a succession of material transformations or conceptual translations, or uses complicated machinery, industrial mechanisms, or other impractical techniques, work that requires painstaking labor, superhuman patience, or fantastic leaps in imagination, that accumulates its own impressive critical adornment and theoretical justification, but results, after all that, in the end, in a cat face.

All media will be considered; non-traditional media encouraged. Conceptual and performance work will also be considered. Twist your own distinct practice – no matter how violently it must be twisted – to make it produce a cat face.

There will be a jury prize for the most compelling work.

Submissions due January 23rd 2012. Exhibition opens February 2nd. Please use our online Submission Form, or contact us with any questions.