Museum of Favorite Shirts Happy Hour at CityArts Fest

The Museum of Favorite Shirts is an ongoing collection project and pop-up institution by FICTILIS in which people from all over the world send in their former favorite shirts for official retirement. Each acquisition of the Museum is treated with the utmost care and respect while it is photographed, catalogued, and ceremonially folded according to our official technique for safe, long-term storage. For each shirt we receive, we send its donor an official Certificate of Induction. Select shirts will be featured on our site and/or displayed in real-world exhibitions, the first of which will be at CityArts Festival‘s Culture Club Happy Hour in Seattle, October 19th 2012, 5-7pm.

There will be live photo-ops for persons who come wearing their favorite shirt to be pictured wearing it one final time before donation to the Museum. And tutorials on the official way of ceremonially folding a Favorite Shirt. And slideshows of people wearing Favorite Shirts they could not part with. And a kiosk where you can send anonymous (and non-anonymous) nominations to friends with shirts that should be donated. And more.

Culture Club is located at 411 Union St. Downtown Seattle.

Do you have a favorite shirt you’ve been keeping for far too long? (Or does someone you know?) A shirt that’s too damaged to donate, too worn to keep wearing, yet too cherished to be thrown away? Donate it to the Museum of Favorite Shirts. (Or nominate it for induction.) Email for more info.


What kind of shirts?
We accept any and all shirts, as long as the shirt was once someone’s favorite. We especially like shirts with stories. Weathered, travelled, battle-scarred shirts. Shirts that were loved and well-loved, and not just worn, but well-worn: worn in, worn down, worn up, and worn out. Faded, stained, stretched, torn, or threadbare shirts. Gone from thick to thin by having gone through thick and thin with you. Used – heavily – far past their useful lives. Shirts that have done their duty, gone above and beyond it, and so deserve to be properly retired.


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