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FICTILIS is a collective founded by Andrea Steves and Timothy Furstnau in 2010. We make projects.

Our work is research-based and transdisciplinary, sharing ongoing interests in language, ecology and waste, monuments and public memory, and political economy.

We have initiated many independent curatorial and multimedia projects as well as partnerships with museums, galleries, publishers, foundations, cities and municipalities, and academic institutions, in collaboration with artists, designers, architects, educators, historians, and practitioners in diverse fields.

The word “FICTILIS” is Latin for “capable of being shaped or changed; earthen”. This definition refers both to the form of our practice and to the role it is intended to play within our broader culture. 

Notwithstanding the above text, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. 

This website is designed with what’s becoming known as “low impact web design” to have a minimal energy footprint in the serving of data through internet infrastructure to end user devices. You can learn more about that here and here.

To contact FICTILIS, please send us an email.

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