Interlife Crisis show

Work that addresses the divide, if one can be said to exist, between internet and life – the “inter-life crisis” – (re)locates it, bridges or widens it, inhabits it, disrupts it, or ignores it.

Work that brings the online offline or offline online in interesting ways, explores new notions of public/private, examines the utopian/dystopian futures and histories of the internet, or work that otherwise speaks to the changes in everyday life that widespread connectivity has engendered.  (from the 2012 call for entries)

emergency-by Timothy Furstnau 
Interlife Crisis is a FICTILIS project area that consists of a series of projects and periodic exhibitions. It began with an exhibition in our Seattle studio/gallery space in April 2012, which featured the following:

An infinite loop of questions from Yahoo Answers randomly paired and spoken by a computer as rhyming couplets. Dozens of girls doing the splits to the accompaniment of Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are” performed by a man who is definitely not Billy Joel. A woman creating a Photoshopped version of her own face as a mask, and then wearing it around. Dots per inch writ large. “Hypernatural Airffiti”. An artist who will do whatever the internet tells her to do for fifteen minutes. Lady Gaga’s live Twitter feed translated into Morse code and beamed out to Pioneer Square. Tweets tagged “confession” broadcast out into the street. Abstract portraits created by translating Twitter posts into binary code that controls the output of a spinning LED. Drawings of photographs from the OkCupid profiles of people who have looked at the artist’s OkCupid profile which are then photographed being held by the artist while imitating the person’s facial expression and then emailed to the OkCupid member who posted the original photograph. The roles of World of Warcraft avatar and real-world player, switched. A woman on a screen whose mood is controlled by live CNN headlines. Elongated silk stoles consisting of four different-colored threads representing the nucleotides A,U,C, and G, woven in sequence to exhibit the full human mitochondrial genome. A printed directory of every internet domain beginning with the word “serious”. (Seriously.) A large, hand-cut carpet which reads “Rolling On the Floor Laughing”….

The 2012 Seattle show featured these artists: Liat Berdugo / Gregory Chatonsky / Tom Estes / Anthony Fader / Timothy Furstnau / Ollie Glatzer / Gabriel Harp / Lori Hepner / Faith Holland / Antoinette Lafarge / Rebecca Nagle / Jody Oesterreicher / Liz Rodda / Paul Shortt / Joel Swanson / Daniel Temkin / Julia Vallera / Heather Warren-Crow.

FICTILIS has also done a few projects related to the theme: Internet Needs More, Family Tree, and Museum of Favorite Shirts.