Artwork Policy for Exhibitions

Title of current show: Interlife Crisis
Date of opening reception April 5 2012 (6-9pm)
Exhibition closing date: April 27 2012


Works should be delivered by hand or by mail (to be received no later than April 3rd 2012, the Tuesday prior to opening Thursday), according to the following terms:

Hand Delivery:
Works may be hand delivered to FICTILIS gallery at:
[NOTE: This address is different than the mailing address.]

210 S Washington St
Seattle, WA 98104

Works should be delivered during regular gallery hours: Tues-Fri, 1am-6pm. Artists may have a Representative other than themselves deliver works if necessary. Artist or artist’s Representative will sign a confirmation form upon delivery of works.

The Artist Waiver/Information Form (click to download PDF, or use our online form) must be turned in at this time and installation materials must be provided.

By Mail:
Works may be mailed to FICTILIS at:
[NOTE: This address is different than the hand-delivery address.]

5608 Seaview Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Please include the FICTILIS phone number on your mailing label: (206) 552-0210.

Artists are responsible for mailing costs to and from gallery. (Pre-paid return shipping labels should be included with the package, either inside or attached in an envelope on the exterior of the package.)

Packages must also include theĀ Artist Waiver/Information Form (or a packing list if using the online form) and any supplies necessary for installation.

All shipments from outside the United States must be shipped “Free Domicile” or DDP (delivery duty paid).

We will send a confirmation e-mail upon arrival of mailed works.

FICTILIS is not responsible for works lost or damaged in the mailing process. (Artists may purchase shipping insurance on their own.)


Works must remain at FICTILIS for the entire duration of the show.

It will be assumed that works will be picked-up/returned in the same manner that they were delivered. Please specify if this is not so: [i.e. if mailed-in works will be picked up in person, or vice versa.]

All hand-delivered works must be picked up within two weeks after the closing of the show during gallery hours: Tues-Fri, 1-6. If artist fails to do so, works become property of the gallery after a 30-day storage period [unless otherwise specified and agreed between artist and gallery].

Mailed works will be returned in its original container with the postage provided. If container is not adequate for return shipment, FICTILIS may request compensation for new shipping materials. All mailed works must include sufficient return postage or works become property of the gallery after a 30-day period in which sufficient postage compensation is not provided. Please allow two weeks for return shipping after the end of the exhibition.

If using FedEx Ground or Fed Ex Air: you may generate a PRP (Package Return Pickup Label) and include with your artwork. It will not be activated/charged to your account until picked up and scanned by FedEx. Please note: you must have your own Fed Ex account to generate a return pickup label. If you need to establish an account you may call: 1-800-503-1428 or go on-line to

If using UPS: if you have an account you may fill out a ground or air shipping document and include it with your painting. You can also generate an ARS (Authorized Return Service Label) and include with your artwork, however, the cost for obtaining the ARS label is immediately charged to your account. That being said, if the label is not used, you can call and have it voided. Go to


Works must come to the gallery ready for installation.
Works should be delivered with any equipment necessary for installation (wire backing, clips, etc). Frames are not required.
If works require specific installation instructions please make these clear, however know that FICTILIS has the final say in how works are installed.

FICTILIS reserves the right to deny any works misrepresented in application/photos, works deemed too fragile, too dangerous or difficult to install, etc.


Artists must indicate on Artist Form whether or not works are for sale, and if so, the price of the work. Gallery will take a 20% commission on final sale price of work all sales–80% to the artist, 20% to the gallery.

We will alert artists of sales via e-mail and payment will be made within 30 days of show closing.


Work will be insured for theft/fire/damage/etc. up to the amount of $700 for the duration of the exhibition while in the premises of FICTILIS. Shipping insurance to and from the gallery will be the responsibility of the artist.

For questions please contact FICTILIS at: or by phone at (206) 552-0210.

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