Paperwork is a project organized by FICTILIS in which we invite artists to modify a piece of paper (See INSTRUCTIONS below). The results will be collected into an exhibition and accompanying book. The current round of contributions is due October 15th, 2012, though submissions will be accepted after that, on an ongoing basis, until this page says otherwise.


Take a standard 8-1/2 x 11-inch piece of bright white paper of any thickness. Do something that alters the appearance of this piece of paper.

What you do to the paper is entirely up to you, as long as the final product is approximately the same dimensions, flat, and roughly intact (i.e. able to be returned via mail). It could be something that does not usually happen to a piece of paper. The paper could be subjected to some mechanical or chemical process. It could undergo some series of repetitive actions that are part of your daily practice – whatever that may be.

If you normally do work that alters the appearance of paper or other flat materials, we encourage you to treat this paper as more than merely a medium for that work. (If you’re a painter, don’t just paint on it. Writers, don’t just write on it.) Some specific part of your usual process may be used, but it should not be all of it. The paper should not be thought of as an empty receptacle for your meaningful content, but rather, as an already existing artifact which may be imbued with a sense of history and specificity by its temporary association with you.

Do something interesting – even if what you do may not produce what you deem an interesting change in the paper’s appearance. (Or keep doing so until it does.)  Something specific to your own process or location. Something that another person is unlikely to do, but could do given the same resources as you, or could imagine being done.

Then, on another piece of paper, write a brief explanation which includes, if applicable, the following:

  • your name
  • Location
  • Materials used (please list all)
  • Length of time involved
  • Description of the process (in clear, plain English)

If you modify more than one piece of paper, please include a separate explanation form for each. Then package it all up and send it to this address:

344 Lewis Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Following the instructions above is an indication of your willingness to be included in a future Paperwork exhibition and book project. All contributors will be fully credited. Submissions will NOT be returned, unless sufficient postage is included. If you have any questions, or if you would like our official three blank pieces of paper mailed to you, email or use our Contact page.

Thank you.