“A good-idea factory.”

Stranger, March 2012

“FICTILIS is sent from heaven.”

– Jen Graves, Seattle Stranger, Cat Faces (FICTILIS is your new favorite gallery)

“Give Fictilis a chance: It’s a new gallery with great ideas.”

–  Stranger Suggests: 10-22-38 Astoria

About Cat Faces:

Alone, any of these pieces [in the Cat Faces show] would be fine. But together—and with self-consciously profound/pretentious bits of reading about cuteness and the avant-garde posted on the walls and door—they add up to an ecstatic encyclopedia that could only have been made possible by the conflagration of minds currently calling itself Fictilis.

– Jen Graves, Cat Faces (FICTILIS is your new favorite gallery)

About Collections:

Groupings that will make you cringe, reminisce, and swell.

Stranger, February 2012


About Colors of Commerce:

Colors of Commerce included in Jude Stewart’s article in Imprint Magazine‘s article about “the 11 best color stories of 2011”:  “2011: A Year In Color“. (Original story: Wunderkammer of Color)