Zellerbach work sample

This page features a selection of still images from various projects and exhibitions that represent the scope of FICTILIS’s work and experience relevant to our application to the Zellerbach Family Foundation Community Arts Grant. Please use your browser’s controls to scroll.

FICTILIS, Collections, 2012, exhibition series.
An ongoing curatorial project collecting collections, curated and installed by FICTILIS. 4 images.

Collections view through front door
Collections view through front door of Seattle gallery space
main floor north view
Collections main platform with Hugh Russell’s To-Do Lists installation


studio room at Collections opening
East room at Collections opening with Mary Anne Kluth’s installation in vitrine
Collections offsite Hopkins Circumtext
artists Tom Deslongchamp reads from a collection of band riders at the Collections offsite exhibition at the Rhomboid, featuring Alan Hopkins’s “Lost and Abandoned Balls” exhibit


FICTILIS, Wildcat Hauling, 2015,video installation.
A video installation for the Princeton School of Architecture’s “Tracing Waste” exhibition. 2 images.




FICTILIS, Talking About the Weather, 2014, multimedia.

A series of scripts and graphics about the language of climate change, developed for an exhibition at Science Gallery (Dublin). Visitors enacted the scripts and recorded themselves doing weather reports. 3 images.

FCTLS_CWF_strangeweather_tiled 2




FICTILIS, Wildcat Hauling, 2014, social practice project.
A long-term project recruiting local haulers to address illegal dumping in West Oakland. Project includes a wide range of multimedia documentation. 2 images.





FICTILIS, Vague Notions, 2014, social practice project, dimensions variable.
A month-long participatory curatorial project inviting community members to free, public “brainstorming” sessions, including a live telematic video brainstorm between Oakland and Los Angeles. 2 images.

Vague Notions
guest facilitator artist Justin Mata leads a session on “Imagined Cities”


live, telematic session with LA’s League of Imaginary Scientists

FICTILIS, True Cost Market, 2014, installation and performance.

An installation/performance project in which “externalities” of food production are incorporated into retail prices. Included extensive research and consultation with scientists and nonprofits, multimedia production, and interacting with public. 2 images; second is staged.


True Cost check out line (3)
rendering of True Cost branding used for 2015 COAL Prize

FICTILIS, 10-22-38 Astoria #1 and #2, 2012-2013, installation/exhibition series.

A curated exhibition and pop-up copy shop installation featuring thousands of ready-to-copy artworks from artists all over the world. 2 images.
10-22-38 Astoria #2 at The Lab in San Francisco
FICTILIS front wall xerography
front wall of first Astoria show in Seattle
Astoria #2 at The Lab, opening reception

FICTILIS, My Dinner With ‘My Dinner With Andre’, 2012, installation, performance.

A live cinema event featuring a full meal with precise staging and timing taken directly from the film.

My Dinner room screen view

FICTILIS, America’s Largest, 2014- present, multimedia documentary.
An ongoing documentary project about objects and sites of superlative size in the United States. Requires research, travel, fieldwork, and multimedia production.


FICTILIS, Colors of Commerce, Interlife Crisis, Cat Faces 2011-2012, exhibitions.
Various multimedia exhibitions curated and installed by FICTILIS, featuring dozens of works in a variety of forms from international multimedia artists. 3 images.

front wall during Colors of Commerce




FICTILIS, City Streets, 2012, installation with cut vinyl, 8’ x 30’.



FICTILIS, Supercut, 2015, curatorial program for large-scale projection.

Supercut program at The Great Wall of Oakland, 2015


Below are sample images of some proposed pieces by other artists to be included in the Museum.

1 Ben_Bigelow_Ellipsis_3_960
still image from Ben Bigelow’s “Ellipsis”
4 Jenny_Odell_Infrastructure Installation View
installation of Jenny Odell’s “Infrastructure”
Blake Fall Conroy’s “Minimum Wage Machine”